The Nexus Tunnel, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Outside the tunnel, the stream continues as this concrete canal that goes on for quite a ways without ever joining up with any more tunnels.

So we doubled back and hunched over for this section again.

There were animal tracks along here.  Raccoons and the like will live just about anywhere.

An interesting formation coming out of a small side tunnel.  I have no idea how these are formed.  I can't believe it's mineral deposition, but it doesn't look like concrete, and besides that, I see it so often that I can't believe someone's just dumping concrete down the drain and letting it harden.

Back near where we started... we headed upstream through the canal for a bit until we reached...

...this tunnel...

...where we found a double-barrel shotgun.

It was really rusted over and corroded and filled with gunk, but it was undoubtedly the real thing.  You wonder what the story was there.  I can guess.

Eventually the tunnel reached this point...

...where Steve (whoever that is) christened it the Tunnel of Doom.

I'm thinking of redecorating my place like this.

Soda straw formations.  I tried to get my hand in the shot as a frame of reference, but it didn't work out so well.  I would say the longest of these was about 8" or "perfect" if you had a Big Gulp and needed some more minerals in your diet.

There were three parallel tunnels along this section.  The windows are so other nosey explorers can spy on you.

Unfortunately, all three of them eventually grew too small to make it worth it to continue.

Alexplored 11/19/06.
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