The Nexus Tunnel

I've actually passed this tunnel dozens if not several hundreds of times.  The name derives from the fact that it's at the intersection of several major roadways in the area, so the name was coined quite a while before I even made it out to the spot to see what it was all about.

Here are the entrances to this tunnel.  There is another section in the opposite direction that we'll get to later in here.

Yeah, Deb liked the tunnel; she just hates having her picture taken.

At the end of this section were these round ones.

Here's a look back since the scale wasn't obvious in the first picture.  The tunnel is actually much taller than it appears.

The two tunnels a couple pictures back (and a few others in here) were also connected by this criss-crossing tunnel...

...which also went in through the walls to sections beyond.

Above the area by the round ones was this long grate.

This is the other side of the main tunnel.  There are three of the tunnels in here (i.e., the ones I referred to in addition to the first pair).

The grate continues above here as well.

We continued in the same direction and saw light up ahead...

...and a (likely canceled) credit card.  I'm surprised by how often I find things like this.  I have found drivers licenses and other important things, though not nearly enough cash.

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