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This is always a good fallback position.  After we've hit something bigger, I'll check out this tunnel just for kicks.  We revisited the Log Jam tunnel earlier, so then we did this while were relatively close.

The entrance.  There used to be a big log at the top of the grate, but I guess that finally fell down.  Maybe that's what Phil's standing on.

A little ways inside the tunnel shifts from square to arched, and the water goes from covering the floor to channeling it to the middle.

Phil has some fun with the tripod...

...and his (dis)mountable flash.

Me?  I'm too lazy to even flip the pictures.  Sorry.

Looking back to where we came in.  This is zoomed all the way, incidentally.

Where Amber is standing is about the point it starts getting too deep to continue.  If you've seen the other galleries of this tunnel, you know we've done it by boat.  We actually saw a few fish in here again on this visit, although I never got any shots of them.

Note the humidity on the ceiling.  I have a dirty joke in mind, but I'll save it.  If you can't see the Freudian implications here, then your home-schooling paid off... I guess.

Alexplored 2/5/09.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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