The Mouth: The end at last!
After exploring the upstream end some months ago and hitting a dead end, I wondered what could be down this side.  We had previously passed by this end of the tunnel on an earlier trip down the Trinity, but the water was too high at the time to access this tunnel.  Still, it didn't make any sense how the tunnel could appear completely submerged from one end, but be exposed at the surface from the other direction.  Let's investigate...

Here's the entrance this time.  You probably already saw the pics of this from the previous trip mentioned above.

This is just inside where things narrowed down from the four tunnels into the single channel.

After this picture, it was hard to get any more good ones.  It grew really dark and so foggy that the flashlights did absolutely nothing but confuse us when pointed straight ahead.  Dani and I instead pointed our lights at opposing walls so we could concentrate on moving forward without scraping the boat against the sides of the tunnels.

And about half a mile later, this is what we found: Another dead end, just like from the other side. 

Apparently, this tunnel is just like a huge sink trap.  I have no idea what purpose this could serve, especially since none of the others are designed this way.

Incidentally, this spot produced incredible, distorted echoes as we approached it, which was quite scary since we had no idea where we would end up yet we constantly heard weird noises in front of us.

I took this shot on the way back to give a sense of the scale of this tunnel.  That's the light from the end in the distance.

A little closer up we saw all our dead relatives before being revived on the operating table.

Warning: If you stare too long at this image, you will begin to hear the theme to Doctor Who in your head.

Additional details about this trip can be found in a more lengthy write-up posted on my Journal page.  Jump right to the account of this expedition here.

Alexplored 6/25/05.
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