The Mouth
Ben contacted me with news of this and a few other UrbEx spots in and around Dallas, so we hooked up to check out this and another tunnel.

That's Ben right at the entrance to this monster.  The grate kind of obscures it, but this tunnel is absolutely HUGE, easily the largest of the forty or so I've been in to date.

Looking back, you see nothing but water across the floor.  Fortunately, it was at most only a couple inches deep other than right at the entrance to the tunnel.

This is a shot of me a little further in.  Though it's pretty dark in this (and every other) shot, you can see that I'm standing on dry concrete.  A short ways in the water was channeled more toward the center, so these ledges appeared.

Unfortunately, about a quarter of a mile in, the ledges disappeared a little further along and the entire floor was submerged.

Once it started getting deep the wildlife showed up.  We saw this little snapper (at least, that's what I think he was, judging by the shape of the upper jaw) and we also spotted a pretty good sized catfish.

Sadly, the water grew too deep at this point to continue much further without having to resort to swimming. 

Guess we're going to need a bigger boat!

Alexplored 8/31/04.

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