Return to the Log Jam Tunnel, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Boring version.

Phil's version.  There's two of him since he moved and did the strobe flash (with blue gel) in both branches.

Looking up to the manhole in the upper right of the previous image.  This is how deep we were and how imprinted by Barbie some girls are.  Amber, this color is so wrong for you!

BTW, that side tunnel was a dead end.

A message from 1976.  Ironically, this was written about 80% of the way through the tunnel.  If they'd just pressed ahead for not too much farther they'd have found the exit.

The split.  It's still just one tunnel, but one separated by two unnecessary walls that just catch debris on the upstream side.


Looking back for a sec, Amber checks out water pouring out of here.  This flow came and went intermittently.  It was the work of the devil, obviously, because that's the best explanation when you have no idea what you're talking about and don't care to investigate.

Look how smooth the tree is worn.  That's wet footprints across it, but the log isn't rotting at all.  This could conceivably be here in another decade or more.

Anyway, here's the log jam from the upstream side (looking downstream).

Wider shot.  About as far as Dani and I made it last time was to the edges of the frame.

And still farther back.  The wet areas where Amber's above are really, really slick.  The reason we couldn't get any farther last time was the fact the water was dammed up in here such that it was too deep in the middle and was almost all the way up the inclines at the sides.  There was nothing but the slick stuff to walk on... and then slide into the deep part.  We gave up.

As you can see from this distance though, there really isn't much of a trunk, just the mass of roots (I think) at the other end that wedged itself in there.

Some really old graffiti.

At the end.  All our knees were still wet from climbing that ledge about twenty pictures ago.

Climbing up the incline the tunnel (left) poked out of.

Amber on top of the tunnel.  Even though this stream goes off into the woods, we were pretty close by a lot of urbania, so the light through the trees you're seeing is mostly artificial.

Bonus tunnel!  We found this one on our way back since we exited the other tunnel and returned above ground.  I'd noticed this tunnel previously while scanning over a Google Earth image of the area, but I had never been in it.  It flows into the wide-open spot where I mentioned the hospital security.

A small side tunnel not too far inside here stays dry and was apparently a good place for a vagrant to hole up (no pun intended).  That's some of his stuff just inside.

End of the tunnel just up ahead.  It looks bigger than it is because the tripod is low to the ground.

Eventually you come out into the woods and the tunnel continues on just beyond that under this building.  There are more short tunnel sections farther upstream, but I only know that from the aforementioned scouting via Google Earth.  We stopped here at this point and moved on to other things.

Alexplored 2/5/09.
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