Return to the Log Jam Tunnel
I hadn't been in this tunnel in years, and Phil and Amber hadn't at all.  I was curious to see if the tree that serves as the basis for this tunnel's namesake continued to clog this system.

This time around I actually brought my tripod for a change.  Usually Phil is the only one who gets any good shots like this.

It was cold in here.

Another inlet of a similar size as above, but note the mineral formation all across this wall and even into the path of the pipe.  There's a lip more than two inches wide (pipe is about 24") of this calcium.

Pretty big tunnel.  You could bike this...

...except for the fact you'd eventually hit this ledge Phil's standing on.

It's out here in a courtyard among the hospital and other medical buildings.  We had a hell of a time getting up here.  Phil managed to use the log between he and Amber as a steep ramp.  I had to push Amber with Phil pulling, then he had to pull me as well.

Here's a look back from the top of the ledge, just inside the next set of tunnels.  Downstream are the set we entered from.

Amber spots a swallow's nest.

Windows looking across the series of parallel tunnels.

Now we're a little further along looking upstream at the next (much longer) stretch of the journey.  Incidentally, we were really out in the open in this spot, and I was convinced the patrolling security (i.e., golf cart cops) had spotted us, but I guess they weren't looking down here.

The part pictured above must be relatively new.  I have even seen aerial photos that look like the first stretch used to just be a ditch in a field.  At the end of where the ditch once was is this older, arched section of the tunnel.

Slightly better scale reference.  Also one of the few pictures of me since I'm usually taking them.

Plugged up, but not until sometime after 1976 since that's when the graffiti dates from (see below).

That looks gross, but it's just concrete.

One of the few small inlets that isn't plugged up.

A hypodermic needle.  I'm guessing this is more likely from the hospital(s) nearby then from a druggie, but who knows.  This was too far upstream to be from someone looking for a quiet spot to shoot up.

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