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Continuing where we left off...

Above the hall just outside the vaults is this huge grate.  We're right near a major concert hall, and a big show had just let out, so you could hear lots of happy and slightly drunk people cutting up.

Super-long soda straws in one section of the vault.  Phil looks longingly toward them.  He must really love soda.

Next we crouched our way along a really, really long stretch of tunnel that I hadn't bothered with before.  It never really seemed to go anywhere, so we eventually doubled back.

Animal poop!.

Next we tried another smaller tunnel that I'd checked out once previously, but not all the way.

A nice view in the direction of downtown.

Some of it was relatively new or at least had been rebuilt in the last ten years.

As we got underneath what I think was the West End (never could get a GPS reading), we noticed loads more trash.

A low spot in the road.

We thought we'd reached the end of the line, but then we realized we could make a right turn.

I went a little bit farther than the other guys in the hopes there'd be something interesting, but it just seemed to continue like this for a long way ahead and eventually I just gave up on this stretch.

Maybe when this section was installed?

"Tripod goes where?"

We planned to exit through a small hole in the wall here, but that didn't work out.  If you've seen galleries of previous expeditions here, you know this used to lead out to a small manhole...

...but when I went there this time, there was a lot of construction in the area, something I knew was going on, but not the specifics of it.  It just wasn't worth the risk if I was going to exit into a closed (i.e., fenced) construction site, possibly one with security.

Eventually we just made our way back to this exit... which was a huge mistake because it was absolutely freezing and really windy.

Alexplored 1/12/09.  Some pics by Explorer Phil
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