Back to the Homeless Tunnel, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

It was a little rockier upstream.


(Why isn't there a band named this?)

Phil gets artsy at the split.

Actually, it's more of a dead end.  The two branches to the right continue, however; they're parallel with one another.

Pretty version of the above.

Phil caught a crawfish.  We named him Gary.

It's a bit smaller in here.

Another spoon.  How many spoons = 1 shovel?

Another crawfish.  We called her Billie.

This one was wide open (hence the grass).  Phil popped out and got a GPS reading.  Fortunately it was in an area pedestrians weren't likely to be walking over, but what if... you know?


Then it really starts narrowing in.  I remember getting to this point the first time I explored it and thinking, "Awww, shit.  Here comes the end."

But then it opened out into this space and I was like, "Whoa!"

If I had a nickel for every one of these we find...!

At one end of the big hall is this set of vaults.  Phil scaled the wall into them, which is what I did the first time we were here.

I'm too old for that shit now and just had him push open the little hatch at the bottom of the wall to the right for me and Amber to crawl in through.

Inside the vaults.  There are a bunch of long halls like this.  I really know know that they're especially needed, but I assume they're there to keep downtown from flooding if it's ever hit with a serious downpour.

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