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This is one of my favorite tunnels.  Even though I've been here quite a few times over the years, there were still a few spots I hadn't checked out.  Besides, Phil hadn't been in here yet, and Amber hadn't been in any tunnels so far.

Here's the entrance.  I did the tunnel to the right years ago with Brei and Josh, but it doesn't really go anywhere interesting.

Fun fact: If Amber and Phil had swapped sides, they'd be the same height.

Do you see the Virgin Mary or do you see a vagina?

Ribbed for our amusement.  In general this tunnel was cleaner that most of the jokes I'm making, but there were a few spots along here leaky enough to generate formations like this series.

Only a few side tunnels though, all of which were pretty small.

The abyss stares back.  But it blinked first.  Phil wins again.

It's a boobie.

Another couple of related formations.  I can't tell if this is purely mineral deposition or if some portion of it was concrete.  And why does this inlet have more than others?

A view of the same from straight on.

Same again, only focusing on the "fins" right here.

Another of these in the foreground.  And one of those city planning "oops" moments just above Amber.

Phil checked out a side tunnel, but it just went on and on like the song that never ends.  One of these days we're going to get one of those tiny bikes like circus monkeys ride, just to make it easier on our backs in tunnels like this.

Postulate: Tunnels that don't contain shovels have spoons.

Phil named each and every one of them.  This one is Franklin, he said.

An old adding machine, the kind you can only find on eBay and underground half-burried in sediment.

"Results Summary"

"Dallas Area Traffic Department."

An old glass insulator.

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