The Homeless Tunnel: 2nd expedition
Josh, Brei, and I took a ride over to Dallas to check out a few tunnels (after some shopping, of course), and ended up just going over to the Homeless tunnel.  The last time I was here, I hadn't yet explored the smaller tunnel that also emptied into the canal, so it was the next item on my "to do" list.

Here's Josh just inside the tunnel's entrance.

And, yes, he was profoundly affected by Cory Hart's 1983 hit single Sunglasses At Night.

A traffic cone!

Up ahead the tunnel split into these two 6' culverts.  We went through the one to the right first, but it eventually grew too small to go any further.  There wasn't much interesting there, although I did see a small rat sneak off down a side tunnel.

Next we went down the tunnel to the left...

...where Brei the Enchantress cackled with maniacal laughter at finding Mjolnir, the mystical hammer of Thor the God of Thunder!

Again this tunnel grew very small, but there was light visible at the end of this relatively tiny pipe.

I crawled up it (quite an effort!; it was about 30' long and only 18" around) and got a GPS reading.  Apparently, we were only about a quarter of a mile from the entrance.

Incidentally, note the channeling in the center of the side tunnel.  It was eaten into along the enter length of the pipe as well as the wall below that it drained across.

I've only seen something like that once before, but I have no idea what caused it.

Although there were no homeless people in the field outside the tunnel when we entered it, when we exited it there was a lady sitting on the railing by the side of the road.  She asked us if we had a light.  We weren't sure if she meant for her cigarette or so find our way underground, so we hurried the hell across the street and back to our car... which thankfully had all its windows intact!
Alexplored 3/19/05.

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