The Hip Wader Tunnel
This one gets its name from the fact that, for the first time in all my explorations, this it one tunnel where hip waders were essential.  That's pretty rare because it means the water has to be deeper than knee deep but not so deep you need a boat.  This was just such a case.  Noah and Marost  had explored part of this tunnel previously, so they knew what to expect when they invited me and Melancholy along.

See?  You wouldn't want to row through this nor would you want water pouring over your knee-highs.

Did you notice the soda straw formations on the ceiling in here?  Pretty cool, huh?

Up ahead it changed to one of the largest round culverts I'd ever been through.

Sometimes we forgot about gravity and did a Jamiroquai number in 3D.

Things split up in here.  This was one of the more labyrinthine systems I've been through.

After climbing up, we still had to cross over at this point using only the tiny ledge for the intermediate step, not so easy to take in wet boots unless you're Spiderman, in which case, don't you have crime to fight, you show-off?

You pretty much can't go through a tunnel without finding a random tool, although this marks my first encounter with a... whatever that spatula-looking thingie is.

No mirror tricks here, folks.

Look!  More soda straws!  Good thing, too, because I was getting thirsty.

You would think this would just about be the end of the line, but nope...

...because before you know it we're climbing up shit like this.

We ended up on top of a grate that some numbskull thought wouldn't get clogged up with leaves and crap.  Duh.

Admittedly, you don't encounter these in the systems in the DFW area very often.  This was the most obstructive one I've encountered to date.

So we continued until things got smaller...

...and smaller...

...and finally popped out on the surface less than a couple miles away.  The fun was getting there... and then finding out that we went beneath one of the major roads in the area that I've been up and down about a million years without ever knowing just what was beneath my gas pedal.

Alexplored 2/4/06.
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