The Fridge complex, part 2
Continuing where we left off....

It's like we're on Mission: Impossible

This is upstairs in an office that was surprisingly well-stocked, almost as though the occupants were just abducted by aliens one day.

Even though some things are boxed up, it looks like nothing was ever moved from this place.

Here's a piece of state of the art technology... for 1986, that is.  Note the soldering iron stand, presumably on hand in case you needed to "reprogram" the computer.

Here are some of the blueprints like those the cabinet photographed above.

The most recent date on any of the paperwork we noticed was 1992, not that we really spent a lot of time looking through things.

In another office in the next room, the ceiling was having problems staying in place.

Here is where the tiles landed on the desk below in the foreground.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if this machine can average a column of five numbers using Lotus 1-2-3.

Another untapped file cabinet. 

I didn't look, but I'll bet it reveals the identity of Deep Throat and what really happened between the Kennedys and Marilyn Monroe.

Behind the place was a small shed with a very rickety wooden staircase going up three stories.  From the top, you (well, Turtle) could cross over to the top of the building we were just in.  Bean and I said fuck that!

Alexplored 2/20/05.
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