Fridge complex
After checking out the Homeless tunnel, Bean, Turtle, and I headed over to an old industrial complex down the street (Dani and Gus waited in the car).  I don't know what this place was for, but the name derives from the fact that the section we explored was devoted to manufacturing refridgerant or something.

Again, additional pictures were supplied by Bean.

This huge industrial complex was still active (as far as we could tell), but some sections were obviously long since abandoned.

This section was full of inactive machinery and/or the world's most unusual collection of giant paperweights.

That's me trying to tap a keg or something.

In the distance was the back door to the place, which appears open only due to being literally chained up with the links running through the opening.

The largest V-8 engine I have ever seen.  We had absolutely no idea what any of this was for.

Update:  This is apparently an industrial strength air compressor, most likely used for powering pneumatic tools (e.g., drills, etc.).  Thanks to Mike for the info!

There were huge masses of debris all over the floor, but this room was the worst.  Other areas were soaked with oil, which made crossing them a little scary.

It scares me to think of how many different carcinogenic chemicals were leaking all over this dilapidated place.

And, no, CaCl2 is not a carcinogen.  I'm just speculating here.

Of course, there are some really dramatic scenes in the strangest of places.

Bean got this shot.  The full-size version is my desktop wallpaper at the moment.

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