The Duck Tunnels
Dani and I happened upon this one while looking for a way to access the second Well.  We wandered around on this side of Trinity (opposite downtown Dallas) without any luck, but I happened to spot this interesting tunnel in the middle of a subdivision.

That's Dani at the downstream end of the upstream tunnel (of the two we found on this part of the system).

And here's the upstream end less than a thousand feet ahead. 

Next, we doubled back for the other tunnel downstream.

Hey, Yoda, stop clowning around!

We saw a couple of mallard ducks (one male, one female) in the stream along here.  Unfortunately, they stayed ahead of us the whole time, and the only shots I hastily captured have motion blur to them.

Here's the entrance I first spotted from the road.

Remarkably, as out of the way as this place is, Sekto (a local graffiti artist and guy I've been exploring with) found it as well.  He left tags at the other end of the tunnel.

This was the end a side tunnel from the main one.  I went quite a ways into the smaller tunnel next to me, but it just grew ever smaller without anything interesting.

And here's the other end almost a third of a mile from the upstream entrance.  You can see the light from this end from a long way back since most of the tunnel is completely straight.

Here's a walk out onto the ledge...

...and a look over it.  Pretty cool!

Alexplored 5/15/05.
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