Finishing the Drop Off Tunnel, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
This tunnel was nasty in a lot of ways beside the humidity.  The floor clearly has some sewage on it with little worms growing from it.  I've only seen things like this a couple times before.

There were also loads of roaches which made me glad Dani wasn't here.  Because I don't like it when girls scream in my ear.

Here's where the pipe was leaking.  The roaches are smaller than the adults in the previous picture, so there's no good frame of reference, but the pipe is only 3" or so in diameter.

A bone.  Not human though.  At least, I hope not.

A hubcap.  The floor was very muddy, obviously.

Me at the end of the side tunnel.  It was sealed up with rocks and a lot of mortar.

This is looking straight up through a hole in the ceiling of the tunnel (or a hole in the floor above, depending on your perspective).  Where it led, I have no idea.  This was a bathroom (the pipe to the right is the connection to where a toilet once was), but it was impossible to say where it resided and I was not about to crawl up into there to find out.  The mystery remains... and probably will for a long time to come.

After that we headed out.  That's Phil back in the main tunnel at the other end of the shaft (which was ~15' in length; looks shorter here) that lead up into this one.  Note the roots through the ceiling in here.

Main tunnel again.

Funny graffiti. Or poignant, depending on what the story behind it actually was.

Note the change in configuration in here.  In fact, Phil's actually laying on the floor and I just turned the camera sideways to mess with you.  (The water is just playing along.)

A side tunnel I'd always skipped previously...

...We decided to check it out this time, but it started to grow too small, so we eventually gave up on it and returned to the main tunnel.

Farther downstream.

Having fun with the night-mode on the camera: I painted the tunnel ahead in the distance after Phil caught me with the flash.

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