The Drop-Off Tunnel: Part 2
Continuing where we left off...

Water is released from the ceiling right here periodically.  Just before it comes pouring down, there's a loud clanking as a valve is opened.  Then the water comes out full blast before it stops just a minute later.

Dani and I heard this happen twice when we were down here last time (and it scared the hell out of us both times), but we didn't see where it happened.  However, this time Tony, Tommy, and I were less than a hundred feet from it.  As Tommy pointed out, it would have totally sucked if we had been walking under it when it happened.

This is a neat area where it unexpectedly gets really tall for just a short stretch once you go downhill.

This is another cool section, probably the largest part until you go a good ways downstream. 

This part is under a building of some sort.  You can see sheet metal in the ceiling between the horizontal concrete beams.

This is a bit further downstream, but again under a building.  You can see the supports in the ceiling along the left side of the frame.

Tony and I used the crowbar he found as a step ladder to get up over the wall to look around under the building.

Apparently, a homeless guy was able to get under the building and live here, although this was likely sometime in the past.  It looked as though the route we took (through the tunnel and over the wall) was the only way in here now.

Among the things we found were a "Lone Star" romance novel (now mostly chewed up by rats), a single boxing glove, some candles, clothes, a few discarded containers of food, and a sheet of plywood to allow him to be able to sleep more comfortably on the rocks.

On the other side of the tunnel was this arc lamp, possibly left over from the construction of this section of the tunnel.

Just to orient you, beyond the wall in the foreground is where two smaller tunnels converge.  That's why the second wall seems to end in the middle of nowhere.

Not too much further downstream, we reached the spot where Dani and I had crossed last time using the inflatable raft.  Since we didn't have one this time, we couldn't proceed without swimming in somewhat mucky water. 

We turned back and headed out where Tony's and my mutual friend and fellow explorer Ben happened to call.  He and his girlfriend picked us up and gave us a ride.  Coincidentally, I had explored the first stretch of this tunnel with Ben some months ago by canoe.

Alexplored 5/25/05.
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