An unintended homeless shelter... no longer
I had been meaning to check out this place for a while when Turtle and I ended up in the neighborhood whilst heading for a few other places to explore.  It seemed like as good a time as any to check it out, although I wasn't looking forward to any encounters with homeless people on their territory.

Fortunately for us (though certainly not for them), the vagrants had been evicted when construction had begun on the tower to renovate it.  We took the opportunity to look around what might be the last of this place as an urban exploration site.

This is actually the last picture taken on this night.

Our first stop was in the basement.  Turtle said that on previous visits this part was flooded.  They pumped it out in the interim, but there was still about an inch of water in most parts.

Here are the elevators.  We waited and waited, but they never came.  Apparently some pranksters had hit all the buttons.

We took the stairs instead...

...but obviously the Motley Crue reunion tour had been going well, so we had to watch our step.

Thankfully, there were two sets of stairs, so we alternated between them depending on the terrain. 

For some reason, there were no partitions of any sort between the stairwells and the elevator shaft.  This was convenient for us but a bit scary at times since we had a 16 story drop to contend with should we miss a step.

This is one of the larger rooms.  Most of the building had the same floorplan, although it was difficult to photograph in the dark, particularly without attracting attention from the guests at the hotel next door.

There were basically only three rooms per floor (I couldn't tell which walls had been removed, if any), so this was the medium sized of the three.  The largest was the width of the building and had a terrific view.

Strangely enough, it did not look like a dorm as Dani's mom had indicated.

The elevator shaft from around the sixth floor.

'Nuff said.

This looks like a painting by Escher and retouched by Bacon, but it is really a long-exposure photo looking down one of the stairwells.

The original photo with the flash only showed the top-most floor and had a couple paranormal orbs in it.  And I didn't want to give the dead any more camera time than they deserve...

...but damned if there isn't another big (though faint) orb in this pic (top right).

This pipe was on the stairs, and we had had just about enough tunneling by this point in the evening after our earlier expedition.

Finally we ended up on the roof (note the Stonehenge arches) where I took a handful of shots of downtown.

Unfortunately, my camera isn't much for taking great pictures, and I'm not much of a photographer in any case.

On top of everything else, the fog prevented us from seeing all the way to downtown and getting any really great shots.  Maybe some other time.

Alexplored 2/23/05.
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