An unintended homeless shelter
A while back we were driving through Dallas when Dani's mother pointed out this building and explained that stayed in it when she was in nursing school.  The school has since moved, but this was apparently the dorms for it as one time.

Well, Dani and I were passing through the area on our way to scout interesting locations in downtown Dallas, and we happened to pass this building on the way.  Sure enough, it was worth a stop.

Here's the building.  There was a fence around this side, so I couldn't get a good perspective shot without it being obscured by the bars.  I'm poking the camera through the fence to keep them out of the way.

Most of the windows on the first floor are covered by plywood.  However, a number of windows on the upper floors are knocked out, especially those on the opposite side from here, facing the interstate.

GPS coordinates:
32.81852 N -96.86648 W

Apparently, people have been all through it, as evidenced by the graffiti.  Note still more boarded windows (... a lost cause, IMO).

This was our first indication that the place was occupied.  Look right in the center of the frame; there are clothes hanging on a chain hanging in front of the third floor window.

...And then we noticed these people outside the place, so that squelched any ambition I had to explore it.

There are three people in this shot, although only the lady in pink is clearly visible.  There was another guy lying on the ground to the left of the lady the whole time we were taking pictures.  Another guy was behind something else while I was there.  They didn't appear to mind us in the least.

As we were leaving this area, we spotted a canal to the left in the picture above.  I thought it might offer a chance at finding some drainage tunnels, so we headed in the direction of the bridge over it.  However, when I went beneath the bridge to check for a tunnel (there was a small one, incidentally), I immediately spotted homeless people (and their mattresses) beneath the bridge on the side opposite me.  As you might imagine, I got out of there in a hurry.  I only wish I had brought my camera with me when I went scouting, although I doubt I would have taken the few seconds of being obvious while taking a picture.

Alexplored 7/17/04. 
Update: Since this first visit, I retuned to this place and finally got a look inside.  Check it out on the next page.

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