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I'd checked this one out pretty thoroughly before, but it had been a while and was one Phil hadn't bothered with, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

If it isn't obvious in the other gallery of this tunnel, the "chromosome" name arose from the fact that there are two exits like this one that represent the "feet" of the "X."

We went in through the lower right "foot," and this is a spot where the two legs approach one another.  Interestingly, the only connection here is through a little hole at the bottom of this wall.

We're looking upstream in this picture...

...and the opposite way in this one.

All the water that comes down gets to this ledge and (unless it is a great enough volume to hurdle it) it is shunted to the other "leg" through the hole in the wall.

Quite a ways upstream we reached the "centromere" (the crossover) where all four "limbs" intersect.

Phil is standing on the "cap" that sealed off one of the legs while construction was performed on it at some point in time.  

Independent of this was ongoing construction above ground that deposited the orange plastic netting/barrier in here.

This ball was dropped in here as well.  The first time I was in here, I found a football.  I never posted a gallery of it, but on my 2nd expedition in here, Jessica and I found a soccer ball.

I kicked this one downstream, and Phil and I caught up to it quite a bit later when we headed out.

The upstream split.  We continued into the one on the right first.

I don't know what was here before.  It isn't a cave-in.  There's metal above me.

This side tunnel was lined with a plastic pipe that looked jammed into place.  The sides were warped by the squeezing it received to conform to the contours of the space.

It narrowed several times along here.

Phil in a side tunnel.  It wasn't large enough to do anything but crouch in.

The end of the other (left) tunnel upstream.  Just a bricked-off wall.

Another look at the "cap" before we headed back downstream, this time on the right.

There are a couple turns like this along this stretch where they used red bricks.

Yeah, I should have worn boots.

Then there's the tall, narrow stretch like something out of the first couple Hellraiser movies.

That's the ball from earlier.

Then it ramps down and gets short all of a sudden.

Water seeping out of the ground.  I still have no idea whether the source is natural (e.g., underground spring, ground water under pressure) or man-made (e.g., burst pipe).

The other side of the wall we looked beneath earlier.

Yet another shovel.  All tunnel have shovels.  No, I don't know why.  They just do.

The end.

Oh, and a discarded murder weapon.  Maybe not, but you're thinking maybe so, aren't you?

Alexplored 7/6/08.  Some pics by Explorer Phil.
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