The Cage
After the Church Tunnel, Dani and I parked the canoe and checked out this tunnel that I had previously spotted and scouted out next to I-30.

Here's the entrance. 

The whole tunnel was almost completely dry except for a few muddy patches that retained some water.

About half a mile later (I didn't GPS it for a more exact reading), we reached...

...the Cage!  Here I am waiting to be paroled.

Ironically, Dani and I had parked a couple hundred feet from here.  We had no idea that we would end up inside of here since we had no idea where this tunnel actually led.

Here's a picture from an earlier visit to this area. 

The "cage" is open on both sides to allow water in from the ditch and to then drain into the Trinity via the tunnel that continues onward through the levee.

I went further down the tunnel toward the Trinity and ran across this little garter snake that had foolishly wandered down here.

Sorry, I committed the original sin of no reference in the photo (I didn't want to scare him away by thrusting a boot into the shot), but he was about 3/4" in diameter at his thickest and probably almost 2' in length.

Just beyond the little snake, the tunnel changed from round to square, but the water was deeper than my boots beyond here at it approached the exit.

Above the spot where the photo above was taken was another tower.  This is a look up the shaft.  The metal door to seal the tunnel is in the foreground.

After the detour, I doubled back to the "cage" itself and noticed this little turtle trying to hide in the mud.

Dani and I managed to squeeze through the bars near the bottom where one was bent (all without getting completely muddy!) and headed over to the car to pick up the canoe.

Next stop: The Trinity River to revisit the Mouth tunnel.

Additional details about this trip can be found in a more lengthy write-up posted on my Journal page.  Jump right to the account of this expedition here.

Alexplored 6/25/05.
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