The Airport Tunnel

While this tunnel is near an airport, that doesn't really figure into it.  This was actually part of another system (separated by probably about a mile of open stream) that I had explored previously.  I looked around upstream for its source, but didn't see anything interesting and gave up on it.  Eventually, fellow Dallas explore NV found this section and told me about it, so Deb and I checked it out.

This is what the tunnel looks like from above: Some manholes in the middle of the woods (I think there were two or three of these).

Actually, this isn't a good way to enter since it's about a seven foot drop right here.  And there are no hand rungs, so even if you dropped in, how are you going to get out anyway?

There's Deb by the outfall that we used as the actual entrance.

The system is basically a pair of parallel tunnels.

Deb's getting a shot of one of the small windows between the wall separating the tunnels.

I never cracked the code here.  Some were marked as E or W (east vs. west?), but one was marked with an M, and I don't think it was just an upside down W.

This incline was perhaps the most interesting feature in the whole system.

Hey, a crawfish!

Finally we got to the end, then doubled back and returned via the other tunnel.

Good thing we did, too.  I don't know what's up with this!

It's some sort of electrical panel with a cord running down from it.  The other end of the plug was all covered in debris, so I have no idea what it was ever used for.

I say all the time that the reason I keep exploring is because there's always something I've never seen before.  Here it is.

By contrast, I have no idea why I watch the Gilmore Girls.  Oh, wait.  It's for the episodes where the mom wears jeans.

Back down the incline.  You can see in this shot that it was fairly long.  We (and our cameras) were lucky that it wasn't slippery.

A grate way up at the surface.  Unfortunately, it was a hole too narrow to climb up to for me get a reading on where we were exactly.

Tree roots grew through a space in the wall into the tunnel.  It's a testament to how well-constructed most of these systems are that we so rarely see this.

Back at the start/end of the tunnel was this big froggie with his eye glowing from the flash.  Shhhhh!  Don't move or he'll jump.

Alexplored 4/10/07.  Some pics by Deb.
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