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I generated the following tips from developing my own web page over the years.  This is a good primer to get a home page of your own up and running.  Hopefully you will find this is a helpful checklist and a good source of ideas.

Some general tips
  • Code?  Don't start by worrying about writing code.  Instead think about what you would use you site for the vast majority of the time.  I started by writing and writing and writing nothing but the text that would eventually end up on my web site.  There was no need to concern myself with the technical aspects until I had something to work with.  Why try to build a car before you've got the parts you need handy?
  • Text first.  One of the teachers I helped put on-line said that the best advice I gave her was to ignore all the fancy stuff and to just write the text. In other words, forget what the web site will eventually look like, and worry about the meat of the site. You can't really paint a house until you've finished building it, so don't even start looking for graphics until you have an idea what purpose the aesthetics will likely to serve.
    • Graphics.  When you start to paste your site together, don't include too much graphic content. It can slow down the time required to download a site, be distracting, and look self-indulgent.  This goes double for distracting animations.  Suggestion: Use your graphics constructively rather than as mere ornamentation.  For example, pictures of what you're highlighting can make for great bullets that address both left- and right-brained thinkers.
    • Dialogue.  Having a peer give you constructive advice can get you thinking about the best ways of organizing your site so that someone unfamiliar with it can navigate effectively on their first visit.  Whenever I reorganize my site, I always ask for feedback immediately after I post it.
    • Information.  Don't put what you don't want copied on the internet.  If you think something is just too precious to give away, don't put it out there.
    • Help!  Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help.  Kids know more about this than you do.  No, I'm completely serious.  They'll figure out what you're doing wrong.

    Features of personal page

    I won't address formatting of these sections here.  Typically an organizational scheme will emerge from the once you have your content together.  This is reflected by the fact that the list below contains a fair amount of overlap.

    Concerns about web sites

    Some things to be aware of when creating your site:


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