"Stuff" it!: Creating the shortest shortcuts

Most people just let their software create shortcuts for them, but those icons often end up buried beneath layers of menus.  Even though the latest versions of Windows try to only display the most recently used icons, this is still pretty inefficient if you access these programs frequently.  Even if you delete a lot of the clutter on your "Start" menu, you may still have to deal with this problem.

What I have done to my PC is to put a folder right on the Start menu called "Stuff."  I then put all shortcuts to the software I would use every day in there.  It was a lot easier on the eyes, but it also allows you to find things until a single level rather than a dozen rungs down the hierarchy.

To create a folder (at least in Win XP, though it's much the same in earlier versions), go to C:\Documents and Settings\username (whatever yours is)\Start Menu\ and add a folder called "Stuff" or whatever else you like.  It should be the only other thing in there besides "Programs."  Now drag or paste into it whichever shortcuts you desire.

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