Start Me Up!

As with the "Stuff" suggestion above, there are ways of optimizing your menu to serve you more efficiently.

If you're like me, your taskbar is filled with the same handful of programs from the moment you start using your computer.  Instead of wasting your time opening these always-used programs every time you start your machine, place shortcuts to them in the folder called "Startup" on your start program.  These will automatically load up when you boot up.

Also, in addition to programs, you can also add shortcuts to actual files (e.g., your "to do" list) in addition to the executables.

For example, when I start up my computer, the following programs and files are already open for me: Internet Explorer, File Explorer (since that's the easiest way to navigate the operating system), and a copies of my unsent mail and "to do" list.  You can customize your computer to do the same just by using the "Startup" folder.

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