Paste it!

Did you know that you can paste text (i.e., words and numbers) between documents and even across applications?  This is one of the most fundamental features available to a computer user, yet I've noticed many (both facilitators and learners) seem to forget they can do this.
Here are a bunch of different applications of this trick.  Hopefully these will save you some time.
Scenario #1: Say you have a form you need to fill out.  You email Central Office for a copy.  Just highlight the text with the mouse (hold the left mouse button) or with the keyboard ("Shift" and arrow keys), then hit Control ("Ctrl" for PC users; "open Apple" for Mac users) and "C" to copy the text.  Go to whichever application you are going to use to fill the form out and hit Control (ditto) and "V" to paste it.  You just saved yourself the trouble of printing and retyping it.

Scenario #2: Let's say you have to repeat a bit of text throughout a document, just type it once, copy it, and paste it whenever you need it.

Scenario #3: Someone just emailed you the URL to a great new website.  Copy it from the message and paste it into the address field on your browser.  (You can do the same thing with email addresses as well.)

Scenario #4: Say you have a document such as a newsletter or list of announcements.  You want to email this to the staff or your kids.  You could attach the file to your message, but that would require the reader to open a second application when he or she already has the email software open.  If your reader has no need of the original file, only the message, it is rude to put him or her to the trouble.  Solution: Paste the text of your document into the body of the email message and send it.

Scenario #5: What if you find something on a web page you want: a form, list, an address and phone number?  You could copy this to a document you could save later.  I have compiled address books and other reference documents this way.

Here's the left-brained version:
Keys:    Function:
Ctrl + X   Cut  \
Ctrl + C   Copy  - Note that these three are
Ctrl + V   Paste  /  neighbors on your keyboard.

Note: Substitute the "Apple" key for "Ctrl" on Macs.

Note that when I originally wrote this, I found a lot of people doing very odd things to transfer information across applications.  For example, I heard of my co-workers saving web pages, then converting the file and opening it in the desired application only to edit it down to the tiny bit of text they wanted to save.

This document saved a lot of people a lot of time.  If the above was news to you, then you're quite welcome!

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