Email: A novel approach

The conventional way of writing email is to compose it in the field in which you plan to send it (i.e., the "message" field on the browser or the corresponding area in Outlook Express).  All too often, this has the unfortunate effect of causing you to lose your mail accidentally.   This has probably happened to you when, for some reason you moved out of the application, jumped to another web page, etc.

Here's a suggestion.  Instead of composing in this more precarious area, just write all of your mail off-line in a separate document (e.g., mail.doc).  This will allow you to save it without having to worry about the quirks of browsers refreshing without any user-entered text, and so on.

This is the approach I use, and it has the additional advantage of allowing me to store all of my messages in a single document.  For one thing, this makes it easier to search back through old text all at once if I need to search it to see what I said in a previous message or if I want to paste an excerpt from an earlier email.  Naturally, I keep a separate document for each month, so as not to end up with a single, giant file.

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