The "e" in email is about emotions

When my now-ex and I were dating in college, we had a long-distance relationship for a year.  This was in the mid-'90s, so cheap and ubiquitous cell phone service and unlimited long distance were not options.  So we went the email route.

The internet was just starting to take off, and since we were both on college campuses much of the time, it was the easiest approach.  For one thing, we both recognized and utilized the fact that written language allows you to have very focused discussions without interruptions or sidetracks.  Once we had gotten used to the novelty of the "modern" internet-style relationship, we started having fun with this "new" medium by writing questionnaires to one another about silly little things mostly, and occasionally a few larger issues that we realized that we'd never discussed.

It wasn't without some problems though.  The two issues my partner hated most about email were 1) you don't get an immediate response and 2) there is always the chance that something will get  misinterpreted.  As much as I hate them, the latter is the reason why they invented smileys.

When I first got online years ago there was a cute story I read about a guy who wrote to a secretary in another dept to send a letter that hadn't gotten through and she wrote back that she re-sent the letter.  He called her up immediately and said "Just what the hell do you mean you *resent* my letter?"  She calmly replied that she simply "re-sent" when it didn't get through the first time.

The internet isn't perfect for communications by any means, but it does give you the freedom to explore things via exchanges you might not have any other way.

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