Software highlights: Download Schedulers

Net Vampire
This is a handy download scheduler.  Even if you have a fast connection, a drag-and-drop URL collector saves a lot of time when pulling down large sets of files each from their own link.  Honestly, "right click -> save" is a bit outdated.

This program places a small, floating icon on your desktop.  When you see a link to a file you want (e.g., a thumbnail or hypertext), you click and drag it over to the "basket."  You can configure the program to download the file(s) immediately or at some scheduled time or just when you manually click them to start.  You can also configure the number of files to download simultaneously.

Multiple files can be added simultaneously as well by highlighting a section of a web page with multiple URLs and dragging the whole lot.

This is very convenient to use when downloading large numbers of files and/or when dealing with multiple files.  After all, who has time to manually start downloads on each of a series of larger files (e.g., mp3s, movs, etc.) when you could just have a program do it for you.


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