Tech Toys: Cordless headphones

I have these headphones connected to my tv/vcr (update: they're on my computer now; see below), although they can be connected to any equipment with an audio out.  They come with a pair of rechargeable batteries (charge one while you use the other), so they don't consume any external batteries.

When I bought these, I really had no idea how much more productive they would make me.  See, television ties you to, at best, a couple rooms within earshot of your set.  This pair of earphones freed me to engage in menial tasks while continuing to absorb information and/or entertainment.  For example, I typically wore these while cleaning my car, washing dishes, packing up eBay sales, etc.  TV shows heavy in dialog (i.e., where visuals are less than essential) are ideal for this.  You can "watch", say, Star Trek: The Next Generation or interview or discussion programs like Charlie Rose while retaining your mobility.

And added benefit of the design of these particular headphones is that they double as ear protection.  I frequently wear these while operating my lawn mower or power tools.  I can hear my favorite shows while blocking out the noise.

Just for the hell of it I tested the range and found that, at times I could go as far as three houses down from mine and still pick up a consistent signal.

Quality headphones typically run just under $100 from Radio Shack and other electronics stores.  Lower quality units are available as well, although you honestly get what you pay for in this case.  Although you could spend less than $50 for a pair, don't expect to be able to move beyond your living room.

I hardly use my vcr anymore, so I swapped the headphones over to the stereo I have connected to the computer.  It's easier to work with these headphones than untangling the ones on my mp3 player and I have the freedom to listen to so much more media.  For example:

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