Science Professions Project
I typically used this project as a beginning of the year introduction to the course.  On the students' end, this introduces them to the material that we will be covering over the course of the year while at the same time humanizing the content for them.  As a teacher, this gave me a baseline of what level of project-oriented material they were capable of producing.

Purpose:  This project will allow you to explore a career using real-world applications of scientific concepts that will be explored in this course.

Goal:  To provide an accurate and meaningful profile of a career in this area of science.

Format:  The format of your final report may take whichever form you feel you can turn the most professional product out of.

Questions to be answered:

I Career: The Job title.

II Education: How much schooling do you have to attend and what degrees must you earn?

III Employment outlook:  How easy will it be for you to find a job in this field?

IV Salary and advancement: Show me the money!  Where could you start and how high can you go?

V Working environment and duties: Where would you be working and what would you be doing, both at the top of the ladder and just starting out?

VI Hazards:  Are there any dangers working in this field?

VII Scientific focus:  This is the most important question you need to answer.  Specifically, what would you have to know in this profession.  For example, a doctor would have to know a lot about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, but not too much about the reproductive methods of pine trees!

Other details:
Visuals: You should include visuals in your report of what this job entails, where you will be working, what you might be studying or working on, etc.?

Bibliography:  Remember to give credit to any place you find your information.  See me if you have questions about the format.

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