Research methods
I wrote this outline to organize the information covered in my Methods in Education Research class.  This is a good overview of the material one needs to understand in order to navigate the literature and to be involved in the research process.

Research defined

Some relevant definitions of research:

Basic vs. Applied Research
Quantitative vs. Qualitative research
Quantitative research Qualitative research
  • obtrusive
  • controlled measurement
  • objective
  • outsider perspective
  • ungrounded
  • verification oriented
  • reductionist
  • hypothetical
  • deductive
  • outcome oriented
  • reliable
  • hard
  • applicable
  • generalizable
  • assumes stable reality
  • naturalistic
  • uncontrolled observation
  • subjective
  • insider perspective
  • grounded
  • discovery oriented
  • exploratory
  • descriptive
  • inductive
  • process oriented
  • valid
  • deep, rich
  • real
  • ungeneralizable
  • assumes dynamic reality

Some important terms
Four domains of research methodology
Research approaches
The six most prominent research methods

In order to ensure validity and generalizability of the findings, it is essential to randomly select participants in a given study.

Sources for ideas
The Scientific Method

This is not a recipe.  Researchers frequently find this is a recursive process.

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