Guidelines for Effective Presentations
Modified from a document by James B. Binko.

1.  Rehearse your presentation.
Be sure that you have a performance that flows in an understandable fashion.  You donít want to leave your audience confused or make them wait impatiently for you to figure out where youíre supposed to go next.

2.  Tell the audience your purpose.

Start your presentation by telling the class what you will talk about.  This will help the audience organize your information as you deliver it.  It might even be wise to put up an outline for them to follow you from topic to topic.

3.  Tell the audience your objective.

What is it you want the class to walk away from your presentation remembering?

4.  Label what you do.

If you are introducing new terms make sure that your audience not only hears, but also sees new words with their definitions.  If you have visual aides, donít leave people guessing.  Tell them what they are before they feel they have to ask.

5.  Involve your audience.

Create an activity, ask them questions, start with an anecdote, do something that asks your audience to do more than take notes.

6.  Discuss the presentation.

What did the audience want more of when it was all over?  What are they still curious about?  Ask for questions and comments.  A presentation can be the beginning of an educational conversation.

7.  Give your audience something physical.

You want your class to be aware that youíre actually there, not just an image in front of them.  Try giving them some thing that will make them realize that youíre in the room to interact with.  Hand out diagrams, outlines, surveys, etc. while youíre delivering the presentation itself.

8.  Journal it.

Make notes of what you liked and didnít like about your performance.  Review them before your next presentation to see what worked last time and what didnít.  Go back though those notes and brainstorm ideas for correcting the faults in your last attempt.  Include these entries in your portfolio to demonstrate your progress and your ability to make progress over time.
If you follow all of these steps in putting together your presentation you canít help but be successful.

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