Work, Energy, & Power #1
What is the mathematical definition of work?


What are the units for each of the variables?

In the scientific context, what is the criteria for work to be done?

Give three examples of the use of the word “work” that do not fit the scientific definition.

A sled is pulled by a rope that makes and angle above the horizontal. If the force on the rope is 50 N, does that mean that the force doing the work is 50 N? If not, explain what force is doing the work.

On page 169, the equation given for net work includes the “cos q.” Why can you use only the cosine and not the sine?

If a tugboat pulls a ship with a constant net horizontal force 5000 N and causes the ship to move through a harbor.  How much work is done on the ship if it moves a distance of 3 km?

If 2.0 J of work is done in raising an apple with 0.5 N of force, how far is it lifted?

A shopper in a supermarket pushed a cart with a force of 35 N directed at an angle of 25° downward from the horizontal.  Find the work being done by the shopper on the cart as the shopper moves along a 50 m length of aisle.

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