Work, Energy, & Power: Review problems
Show your work.  Show your units.  Get the correct answer.

How much force was used to pull a cart 6 meters if 120 J of energy was used?

Which has more kinetic energy, a 5 g bullet moving at 100 m/s or a 1 kg baseball thrown at 10 m/s?

How fast was a 70 kg motorcycle moving if it had 400 J of kinetic energy?

How high up is a 70 kg diver if he has 21,000 J of gravitational potential energy?

What is the elastic potential energy of a bungee cord with a spring constant of 10 N/m that is stretched from its normal resting length of 10 m to 17 m?

What is the power output of a car with a mass of 1500 kg accelerating at a rate of 5 m/s2 over 20 meters for 3 seconds?

If a rain cloud contains 2,660,000 kg of water vapor, how long would it take for a 2.00 kW pump to raise the same amount of water to the cloud’s altitude of 2.00 km?

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