Waves 12-4: Wave interactions
What is superposition?


What is constructive interference?

Draw two waves engaging in constructive interference.

What is destructive interference?

Draw two waves engaging in destructive interference.

If two waves, one with an amplitude of 0.30 m and the other with an amplitude of 0.15 m, are interacting in the same mediumů
what is the maximum resultant that could occur?

what is the minimum resultant that could occur?

What is reflection?

Give three examples of different types of waves being reflected.

What is a standing wave?

Give three examples of standing waves.

What is a node?

What is an antinode?

Draw a wave and identify the nodes and antinodes.

If a 4.0 m long rope is stretched and vibrated, what would be the wavelengths if the following number of nodes were created?




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