Waves Review
Give three examples of periodic motion that are not simple harmonic motion.


Give three examples of periodic motion that are simple harmonic motion.

What measures are greatest at the equilibrium position?

What measures are least at the equilibrium position?

Janet wants to find the spring constant of a given spring, so she hangs it vertically and attaches a 0.40 kg mass to the end.  What is the spring constant if the spring stretches 3.0 cm?

How many times does an object pass the equilibrium position during a single cycle? (Use a diagram in your answer.)

What happens to the period when you make the length of a pendulum four times as long?  (Show your work!)

What would happen to the period if you took your pendulum to a planet with four times as much gravity?  (Show your work!)

What is the period of a signal with a frequency of 5 MHz? (Show your work!)

What is the frequency of something cycling with a period of 0.25 seconds? (Show your work!)

Why do we ignore the mass of the string of a pendulum and concentrate only on the bob?

Why does an acrobat swing past the equilibrium position when there is no force acting on her at that point?

Draw a longitudinal wave.  Label the compression and stretching and identify one wavelength.

How fast is a wave moving at a frequency of 5 Hz and a wavelength of 5 m?

How many nodes are there if a wave has 5 antinodes.  (Show with a diagram.)

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