What is a point mass?


Give three examples of point masses.

What is an extended object?

Give three examples of extended objects.

What is  torque?

What is the definition of a lever arm?

What is the equation for torque?

List and identify the variables in the equation above.  What is each labeled?

Which equation(s) does the equation for torque most resemble from previous chapters?

Why do we need to use a sine function in calculating torque?  (Draw Fig 8-5 and use it as part of your answer.)

What does the sign (not sine) of torque indicate?

What is the formula for net torque?  When do you use it?

Find the magnitude of the torque produced by a 3.0 N force applied to a door at a perpendicular distance of 0.25 m from the hinge.

Draw Fig 8-6 on p 282 and answer #3 in the Section Review about it.

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