Rotational Motion: Tangential and centripetal acceleration
Why do we use the word “speed” rather than “velocity” in discussing rotational motion?


What is tangential speed?

What is the formula for tangential speed?

Use a diagram to illustrate different tangential speeds of two objects with the same angular speed.

Give three examples in which two objects within the same system have different tangential speeds.

A lady passes through a revolving door with a tangential speed of 1.8 m/s.  If she is 0.80m from the center of the door, what is the door’s angular speed?

What is tangential acceleration?

What are the two formulas for tangential acceleration?

A dog on a merry-go-round  undergoes a 1.5 m/s2 linear acceleration.  If the merry-go-round’s angular acceleration is 1.0 rad/s2, how far is the dog from the axis of rotation?

What is centripetal acceleration?

What is the formula for centripetal acceleration?

How can a car be moving at a constant speed be accelerating?

Draw a diagram of something moving with rotational motion and show where the tangential acceleration and the centripetal acceleration are?

What is centrifugal force?

Draw a diagram to show how it and the Loch Ness monster are related.

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