Rotational Motion: Review Problems
Explain in terms of the forces and motion why a roller coaster can go through a loop upside down and not have the passengers fall out.


Draw a spaceship (or space station) that features “artificial gravity” produced from rotational motion.

Describe three differences between angular speed and tangential speed.

If you swing a set of keys through the air at the end of a chain, and it takes 0.22 s to make a complete revolution, what is the angular speed of the keys?

What is the tangential speed of the same set of keys if the chain is 0.31 m long?

Why does the tangential speed change as you move to the outer edge of a rotating wheel?

How long does it take the second hand of a clock to move through 4.00 rad?

What is the angular acceleration of a phonograph that has an initial speed of 33 rev/min if it slows to 11 rev/min in 2.0 seconds?

If centrifugal force doesn’t exist, what are we mistaking it as?  Give an example that explains this.

If the gravitational force acting between two students sitting in their desks is 3.20 x 10^-8 N, and the two students are 50.0 kg and 60.0 kg, respectively, how far apart are they sitting?

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