Rotational Motion problem set
Directions: Show your work.  Show the correct units.  Get the correct answers.

How much torque is produced when 3.0 N of force is applied to a door at an angle of 30 degrees at a distance of 0.25 m from the hinge.

Give three examples of things where you apply torque

Before going up to home plate, a baseball player swings a couple of 1.5 kg 0.8 m bats at a rate of 5.8 m/s.  We he goes up for bat, he only swings one.  How fast can he swing that one now?  (Make sure you use the correct formula for moment of inertia.)

If you built a really tall building, would that slow down the rotation of the earth?  Why or why not?

A 2 kg wheel of cheese with a radius of 7 cm is dropped and rolls down a hill that is 15 m high.  What is the translational speed of the cheese at the bottom of the kill?  (Make sure you use the correct formula for moment of inertia.)

What are the two families of simple machines and what simple machines do they include?

Use a diagram to show how a lever and a wheel are alike.

How are an inclined plane and a screw alike?

What is the difference between an inclined plane and a wedge?

Give three examples of machines that incorporate two or more simple machines.

If you applied 20 N of force to one end of a nutcracker .02 m long, what would the force be on the nut if it is 0.006 from the hinge (fulcrum)?

What is the mechanical advantage of a ramp that allows you to slide a 5 kg box with only 4 N of work? (Donít forget to convert.)

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