Rotation and Inertia
What is a center of mass?


Draw the following objects and identify the center of mass in each.

Frisbee                            Bowling ball

Donut                              Wrench

Banana                             Kitten

Give five examples of objects in which rotational and translational motion are both present.

What is the moment of inertia?

What does this statement mean?: "The moment of inertia is the rotational analog of mass?"

What units are moment of inertia measured in?

How many formulas are there for calculating the moment of inertia?

Copy Table 8-1 on p285 *completely* in the space below.

What is translational equilibrium?

What is the symbol for translational equilibrium?

What is rotational equilibrium?

What is the symbol for rotational equilibrium?

A uniform bridge 20.0 m long and weighing 4.00 x 10^5 N is supported by two pillars located 3.00 m from each end.  If a 1.96 x 10^4 N car is parked 8.00 m from one end of the bridge, how much force does each pillar exert?

Draw the figure 8-9 on p 289.  At which of the seven positions A through G should the supporting pivot be located to produce:
-a) a net positive torque
-b) a net negative torque
-c) no rotation

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