Rotational Motion Exam
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Give three examples of rotational motion on a bicycle.


Draw a ball tied to the end of a string and being swung around in a circular path.  Label the following: Vt, r, Fc, m.

Why do we talk about “rotational speed” instead of “rotational velocity”?

How can an object with a constant rotational speed be accelerating?

A car on a Ferris wheel has an angular displacement of 0.34 rad.  If the car moves through an arc length of 12 m, how *tall* is the radius of the Ferris wheel?

If a wheel increases its average angular speed by 27 rad/s in 1.9 s, what is its angular acceleration?

What is/are the force(s) that allow(s) a car to make a turn?  Describe the parts of the car that are acting and in what direction in each case.

Why does mud fly off a rotating wheel?  (Your answer must contain the word “force” and must explicitly reference to several other variables.)

What is the distance between a 0.4 kg billiard ball and a 0.3 kg billiard ball if the magnitude of the gravitational force is 8.92 x 10^-11 N?

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