Motion 1: Velocity and Acceleration
Answer the following in order on notebook paper.

Show how you set up the solution to assigned problems.


frame of reference


the symbol “D”

average velocity

instantaneous velocity

What is meant by the term “one dimensional”?

What is meant b the term “at rest”?

What is meant by positive and negative displacement?

If you travel from Fort Worth to Houston (290 miles) in 5 hours, what is your average velocity?  Does that mean that you travel that velocity the entire time? Explain.

Distinguish between speed and velocity.

Consider a position – time graph:

a. What are the units on the axes?

b. How do you calculate slope of a line?

c. What would the units of the slope be?

d. What does the slope represent?

e. What is indicated by a positive versus a negative slope?

f. What is indicated by a straight versus a curved line?

What is meant by the term “tangent line”?

Consider the curved line in figure 2-7.  What happens to the slope of the tangent line as time increases? What does this tell us about the velocity?

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