Acceleration and Velocity Exam
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In 1985, Said Aouita set the world record for the 1500 meter race in a time of 3 minutes and 29.46 seconds.  What was his average velocity?

Sound travels at a constant speed of 343 m/s in air.  Approximately how long does it take for the sound of thunder to travel 1609 meters (i.e., one mile)?


A sporty sports car can go from rest to 32 m/s in 9.0 seconds.  So what is its average acceleration?

A sprinter accelerates to a velocity of 5.36 m/s in 3.00 s.  His average acceleration is 0.640 m/s2.  What was his velocity when he first started accelerating?

Kinematic Problems

In getting ready to slam-dunk the ball, a basketball player starts from rest and sprints to a speed of 6.0 m/s in 1.5 s.  Assuming he accelerates uniformly, how far does he travel in this time?

A soccer player running at a speed of 2.6 m/s decides to accelerate.  For the next 18 m he speeds up with an acceleration of 0.45 m/s2.  What is his speed at the end of the run?


A ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 35 m/s.  What is its speed 2 seconds later?

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