Motion 1: Velocity exam
Show your work or I cannot give partial credit.  Beware of conversions.  Show your units!

Define: instantaneous velocity.

What is meant by the term “at rest”?

What was the average velocity (in m/s) of a runner who ran a 5 km marathon in 4 h 40 min 21 sec?

A paramecium named Clyde is traveling down the 7.5 meters of an average human intestine from the stomach.  It is only moving at 3.5 mm/s, so how long will it take to pass through on its own?

A car is moving at 120.0 km/hr for 15 minutes.  How far will it travel in that time?

Consider a position – time graph:
a. How do you calculate slope of a line?

b. What would the units of the slope be?

c. What does the slope represent?

d. What is indicated by a straight versus a curved line?

Consider the following paragraph:
Mary travels for 30 minutes at 75 km/h.  She then stops for 15 minutes for gas and a souvenir at the gift shop before resuming her trip at 100 km/h. Only 15 minutes later she remembers her sun glasses at the gas station and turns back.  She goes back at 100 km/h and picks them up.
a. Diagram this trip in a position – time graph.

b. What was her displacement from when she started?

c. How long did the trip last so far?

d. What was her average velocity?

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