Momentum exam
In a car crash, why is it advantageous to extend the time during which the collision takes place?


Is dropping an egg onto a hard tile floor an example of an elastic or inelastic collision?  Explain your answer.

Why is more impulse delivered during a collision when bouncing occurs than during one in which it doesn’t?

In terms of momentum conservation, why does a shotgun recoil when fired? (You can explain this in words, but an answer involving the equation might be more succinct).

If a skater with a mass of 70 kg runs up at 4 m/s to a 2 kg skateboard resting on the ground, what will be the resulting speed of the skater on the board when he jumps on it.

If you punch a piece of sheetrock, why doesn’t your hand bounce back?  What has become of the energy in the punch?

Why is it that if a bug flies into the side of a resting car, the bug stops, but when the car runs into the bug, it keeps moving with a spot on its windshield?

Why would you want a large guy to play defense on your football team?  (Explain in terms of momentum.)

An astronaut with a mass of 80kg is stranded in space several meters from his space ship.  He is floating motionless and has in his hand a 5 kg wrench.

What is the total momentum of the astronaut and wrench while floating there?

If he throws the wrench, what will be the total momentum of him and the wrench as they move away from one another?

In order to get back to the ship, in what direction must he throw the wrench?

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