Measurement, etc. cont’d
Complete the following questions in order on notebook paper.

Practical Math:
Solve for “x” in each case.

3x/ y = 2z

2x2 = 4

PV = x R T

Sin a = o p / x

36x = 6 y

18/x  = 3

v2 = x2  + 2 ad

4 km + 8000 m = x meters

12g + 0.1 kg = x kg

1 hour + 45 minutes = x hours

(3cm) )( 12cm) = x

(4m) ( 6m) = x

12m/4s = x

40 km/ 20 hr = x

raphing Stuff

Define the Graphing Terms given below: (with help from the teacher)







Make a table and record your data for the next three steps.

Record the age in months of each member of your group.

Measure (in cm to the greatest degree of accuracy) the horizontal length of all the noses in your group.  Record your data.

Measure (in cm to the greatest degree of accuracy) the vertical length of all the left ears in your group.  Record your data.

Using the data in your table graph each measurement versus age.  Identify the dependent variable and the independent variable on each graph.

Using the calculator provided, graph the data as follows. Make a sketch of each graph on your paper: “Plot 1” is Nose Length vs. Age, “Plot 2” is
Ear Length vs. Age.

Using the calculator, determine if there is a correlation of any of the variables to one another.

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