Kinematics quiz
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Solve for Vi:
?x = 1/2(Vi + Vf)?t

(Obligatory velocity review question:) On the way to school this morning, I was driving 27 m/s.  I took my eyes from the road for exactly 2.0 s to change radio stations.  How far did I travel in that brief interval?

The Concord achieves a lift-off velocity of 112 m/s in 20.0 s starting from rest.  What acceleration is required to achieve this?

The velocity of a train is 26.4 m/s.  At an average acceleration of -1.50 m/s2, how much time is required for the train to decrease its velocity to 9.72 m/s?

A basketball player sprints from rest across the court to 6 m/s in 1.5 s.  How far does he travel in that time?

A plane is standing on the runway when the pilot brings the engines to full thrust before releasing the brakes.  The aircraft accelerates at 2.9 m/s2 and reaches a takeoff speed of 58 m/s.

a) Find the time from rest to takeoff.

b) Determine the displacement of the plane.

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