Gravity review
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A cannonball is fired straight into the air with an initial velocity of 121.5 m/s.
a) How high is it 4 seconds later?

b) How high will it ultimately reach?

Concept time:
Draw a position-time graph of an object thrown in the air and traveling up for 8 seconds and falling back down again.

Draw a velocity-time graph of the same.

When/Where is the slope steepest on the position-time graph (a)?

What does this tell you?

If a .005 kg penny is dropped from the top of the 381 m high Empire State Building, how fast will it be moving when it reaches the ground?

(Multi-part problem alert!)  A ball is thrown up in the air at 10 m/s from a balcony 12 m above the ground.  How long will it take to reach the ground from the time it is thrown in the air? (Hint: Draw a picture.)

A parachutist descending at a speed of 10.0 m/s loses a shoe when he it 50.0 from the ground?
a) How long does it take for the shoe to reach the ground?

b) What is the velocity of the shoe just before it hits the ground?

c) Is the parachutist accelerating or moving at a constant speed?  Explain

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